Securing A Connected World

The topic of “securing” and protection have been overdone. For over 20 years and most organisations have focused on building the “castle wall” by investing in firewalls, next generation firewalls, malware protection and etc. The reality is that regardless of how much we secure our connected world cyber criminals and attackers will succeed in their attempts to breach our walls. The impact of a cyber attack has far reaching consequences including legal, regulatory and operational and the planning required to deal with such complex and dynamic attacks requires a different and efficient mind set. Furthermore, most companies are unable to discover cyber criminals for an average of 200 days!  Confidential data is long gone by the time businesses even know they have been compromised.
So, the question is, can organisations and businesses respond to cyber attacks. More importantly can organisations respond swiftly and resume business operations?
This year, the 17th Conference 2016, entitled Securing A Connected World aims to unearth the answers and key concepts by being a regional forum on IT security.