21st Info-Security Project is a large-scale educational project aiming to exchange ideas on the latest advances and threats in information security. First launched in December 2001, the project has become one of the most well-established and recognizable showcases of its kind in Hong Kong.
As an all-encompassing info-security project composed of various elements - including e-Newsletter, Case Studies Reference Booklet, Security Workshop and the Info-Security Conference, it offers an insight into the latest security trends and solutions, as well as provides a platform for exchanging ideas, knowledge and experiences.
Our Objectives:
To create various educational channels and information exchange platforms with access to the latest security technologies.
To heighten the awareness of information security and reliable access to corporate information .
To facilitate an overview of the latest development and adoption in the IT landscape to cope with the ever-changing security risks and sustain the competitiveness of Hong Kong e-Commerce.